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Sophie Newbery

I am an artist at Level Best Art Cafe and this is my first canvas it is a famous church in Moscow, Russia.

Jasmin Martin

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Samantha Clare Carter

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Henry Linstead

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Acorn Village

"Tower Bridge"


Acorn Village is situated in Mistley, Essex. Offering easy access to the A120 and A12 we are close to Colchester, Ipswich and the port of Harwich with direct rail links to London. Please use the map below to explore in greater detail.
From the beginning, our working philosophy at Acorn has been that people with a learning disability are people first, and their disability is second, with the right to lead as full and fulfilling a life as possible. Each person, whatever their disability, is given every opportunity for self development, combined with as much or as little support as they need.

At Acorn we aim to develop the whole person. Along with everyday life skills, staff work with the residents to improve their communication and social skills. Therapies such as relaxation, drama, dance, music and a well equipped multi-sensory room are used to help residents experiencing emotional or behavioural difficulties. We have lively and popular creative craft, art therapy, needlecraft and weaving shops where many residents have discovered fulfilling new talents.

Many also have the satisfaction of developing skills through creating soft toys and rugs, or helping in the Coffee Shop or gardens, and in some cases by taking a job in the local community.

It was a proud day for residents when their entries won best stand at The Tendring Show for several years running

There has also been a successful commission to make the props for a local school's Scrooge production. Acorn welcomes requests to make Theatre props for stage productions. THE LITTLE MERMAID created by Acorn Theatre Productions recently performed twice to a very encouraging and warm audience. The puppets brought to life by residents and tenants was a new concept for our folk and with the supporting scenery and very able staff team giving support was a huge success. Rehearsals have now started for our Christmas Panto Jack in the Beanstalk


Acorn Village,
Clacton Road,
Essex CO11 2NJ

Tel: 01206 394124

Fax: 01206 391216

All email enquiries should be sent to:


Amy Sims 

My name is Amy Sims. I'm currently studying BA (Hons) Technical
Effects for Performance at London College of Fashion, aspiring to
develop a career in model making for the film industry. I have a
strong interest in creature effects, animatronics and also stop-motion
animation, which will be the focus for my final major project at

Although I am concentrating on my sculpting and model making skills at
present, I enjoy experimenting with other artistic practises such as
drawing, painting, printing and photography - the results of which are
displayed in this exhibition. I hope you enjoy the show!


Andrew Gwilt - Intelligent Drawing

Andrew Gwilt is a trainee of Level Best Art Café in ArtCo, the art department. This show is a collection of some of his drawings. Andrew grew up in Norwich and now lives in Wickford in Essex. He attends the café every Thursday and since he first started with us he has been a master of his own unique style of map making. We were so impressed with his single minded vision, sense of purpose and prolific amount of work that we felt he deserved a solo one man show in our gallery.
Andrew said “Since I was 5 my dad used to go through the family atlas with me and after college I began to draw technical plan drawings and maps, using the atlas and Google Earth as reference. I now can draw my maps accurately from memory and do so every week, as well as producing digital work with Google maps and Microsoft paint, to indicate routes people can travel”.
Andrew’s maps are chiefly concerned with routes, either motorways, railways or simple pathways including such details as roundabouts, road signs and pylons. His accuracy and wealth of knowledge is staggering and he is interested in construction projects around the world present and future. Some projects Andrew has told us about recently include maintenance to the Tokyo highway system, the new 9 car electric locomotive to be introduced to London and the far off planned project for a bridge to the Isle of Wight and a transatlantic rail and road tunnel to connect western Ireland to Southern New York, with 5 service stations along the route under the Atlantic ocean.
Andrew says “I like to get my maps accurate; if I make a mistake such as wobbly lines or inaccuracies I will start again”. When asked how he felt about having his work publicly displayed for the first time in our Gallery he said “It is a good opportunity to see how good I am, I’d like to become a popular artist and photographer”.
Andrew’s show lasts from July 20th - August 17th 2012 and can be viewed here at Level Best Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm


Angenita Hardy-Teekens

"Spring View Over River Stour"

"Warrior From an Unkown Kingdon"

Barry Gilheany: Colour Fest: Landscape and abstract



Barry is a Local Colchester Artist who began painting roughly 8 years ago when he first attended courses at Grey Friars and Wilson marriage centre Colchester.
His work is a mixture of abstract still lives and landscapes from the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District.
He paints in the style of les Fauves and influences include Henri Mattisse, Henri Rousseau and Paul Cézanne.
He considers himself a post impressionist.

Bernadette Sloman


Brendan Wilson 'Tethered'

I am a photogrpaher and I enjoy sceens of Essex and Suffolk.

T: 01206 396031



Clive A Cowan Photographer




Coco Care 'Clocks'

CoCoCare is a unique new day service for adults with learning disabilities based on vocational opportunities and learning, enabling you to become a confident, valued member of your community.

We offer individualised programmes where you can choose from many different volunteering opportunities and workshops.

We are easily reached by car, bike or bus, with parking facilities for cars and bikes, and a bus stop within 50 metres for bus routes 70 and 71 (serves Chelmsford, Braintree, Marks Tey & Coggeshall), 65 (Colchester) and 88 & 88A (Halstead & Earls Colne). We also offer a local pick-up service using our own transport.


CoCoCare Ltd.
Kingsland Church
86 London Road

Phone: 07985 431504




Colin McAllister (Snublic Drawings)

Juarez - 2009, pen on paper 23x16" - A cartoon microcosm of America's "War on Drugs" focussing on the border cities of Juarez (Mexico) and El Paso (US) seperated by the Rio Grande river. The drawing deals with drug trafficking to the states and gun trafficking the other way. It takes the view that drug cartels and federal institutions both profit from the status quo, with increased budgets on the federal side to tackle the problem and purer drugs available cheaper than ever. The only losers are poor Mexican workers forced to leave their rural farms to work in the cities and for the cartels, and drug users in the US who receive mandatory minimum sentences, incarcerated in 'privately owned' federal prisons, which value their share price on the stock market based on the number of people incarcerated within.

Colin McAllister aka "Snublic" is a cartoonist and illustrator residing in the English town of Colchester. His work covers a spectrum of geo-political and social issues as well as some whimsical depictions of characters, scenes or things personal to the artist.

Snublic works chiefly in black and white, pen or india ink drawing and always crams in as much as he can possibly fit. His drawings are known for their sheer amount of detail and action, as well as warping dynamic perspectives,  taking after such masters as William Hogarth and his "Modern Moral Subjects" and M.C Escher with his love for strange views.

His work can be viewed at his personal portfolio and online catalogue He welcomes commisioned work on consultation and is always on the look out for interesting venues to display his work.

Email: to find out more...


Eileen's handmade glass jewellery

"I design and make jewellery as a hobby. I have a small kiln in which I fuse glass for the necklaces and place on a sterling silver chain.

I purchase a range of ceramic, glass, semi-precious etc. Beads from which I make unique braceletes and earrings.

This is just a small selection of my work I do have other shapes and colours please do not hesitate to ask me.


T: 01206 502252


Jacky Backowski



T: 01255 821463




T: 01206 514338

John Morgan


Linda Ward Photos



Linda Wonnacot




T: 01206 530572

Market Field School


T: 01206 825195









The hidden world of the microscopic takes us into another universe, which I have always had a fascination with since very young. This show follows my creativity in new organic art forms which lie somewhere between future realities in nano-technology, genetic cells and other emerging boundaries of science and technology.
Coming from a graffiti background I have always liked to use spray cans, airbrushes and acrylics in my art to give it unique colours, effects and patterns. As a person with a high imagination I am always finding new art forms and extract ideas from photographs taken in nature.
I have lots of influences from nature: physics, biology - plants and old masters in painting and airbrush.
Meta physics is a new area I am looking into as well as Aztec art forms. My future art explorations will look into synthetic biology, 3d printing, self replication machines and the designing of synthetic DNA, which could be governed by different laws, different materials and principles to which we do not understand.
Could our world be entering a spiritual world of wickedness in high places? or could we be entering a new dawn of machine enchanted spirituality and life styles which change our beliefs and faiths or challenge our ideas of who we are as a species. A new spiritual warfare of grind technologies, genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence and nano-technology as we become a new species of techno-sapiens.
Nolan Barclay –futurist.

T: 01206 366417


Patricia Sheldon-Hicks



Sarah Baird


T: 01206 323200



Sheena Drayton

Sheena Drayton


T: 01206 544518


Tristan Burfield






My paintings are grounded in my love of colour and life long interest in people and my surroundings.

This show provides an opportunity to see her recent work.

My vivid colour sense portrays the passion I feel for my subject, whether it is landscape, coastal work or life.
My paintings verge on the abstract and have a spiritual dimension to them.
Over the years, I have become more observant and creative through filling numerous sketchbooks.
I started work teaching Art, and since further study at Colchester in the 1990’s my sole occupation has been as a working artist.
I work from a life model and paint from sketches in the studio.

I love life, I love Art and I need to do it!

Val Bonnett



Mrs larkin







Paula Grogan

The Big Sky and Us

I draw and paint as a way of coming to terms with the world around me and the world within me. If something really moves me, because of its beauty or pain, I tend to draw it. Things that inspire me include the human form, news articles, nature, dreams and the unconscious. But perhaps what inspires me most is other art.



Level Best Art Cafe,
D'arcy House, 3 Culver Street East
Colchester, Essex C01 1LD

01206 366 059


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