Be Curious at Firstsite Colchester

Be Curious at Firstsite Colchester

Level Best hosted an art event at Firstsite on Thursday 14th March which we called "Be Curious".

It was the third such opportunity we have had to take over studio 1 at the premier Colchester art gallery and we wanted it to be an opportunity for organisations similar to ours and the public to meet and engage with our trainees and the things we do.


In prep we bought several model train sets to go with one that was donated to us and we made lots of model buildings and curiosities to go with.



Our trainees enjoyed setting up the train sets and making the best use of the big space, as well as engaging in other art projects like colouring dragon fly models we made out of old plastic knives and drawing on the great chalk board.


Artco studio takeover





























































































































Crafy Drama performance

In the afternoon we were joined by Crafty Drama who performed a selection of songs, dance and sign language for us (which they will be doing again at the Mercury Theatre on 25th May).

Through the use of music, dance and drama, Crafty Drama gives adults with learning disabilities the chance to learn social, communication, motor and life skills with the aim of enhancing lives, making their service users feel proud of their achievements and to gain self-confidence.

Crafty Drama promotes community inclusion, independence, and sign language and a number of our trainees also work with them, so there was a lot of catching up at the end of the day swapping stories and sharing interests.















We had a great time and we hope to do so again at Firstsite in the summer!





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