Grants Snoopy Car Model

Grants Snoopy Car Model

Grant’s Snoopy Car

Grant Owens is a trainee in ARTCO, Level Best’s art department and off the back of a large group project about Jurrassic Park back in 2016 (which involved lots of model making), we discussed what models people might like to make in future.

Grant was very keen to make a model relating to Noddy (which came up in conversation) and Colin decided with Grant that it would be cool to make a Noddy car.

Grant and Colin set out to make a collectable model sized car using bog rolls and assorted cardboard, masking tape, paint and glue.

We started by finding pictures of Noddy cars from the front, side and back to help us make our model in 3D.

We began by building the chasis and wheels using a long kitchen roll of card and 2 skewer sticks for the axels (which we sawed down to size when we came to putting on the wheels).

We made wheels from bog rolls and painted them grey. Grant then painted the body of the car yellow and we made extra details such as wheel arches (painted red), a spare tyre on the back (painted black) as well as frog lights, bumpers and a front grill (painted silver). lastly we made a windscreen (with wiper) painted yellow and a folded soft top on back painted black and the finishing details were yellow hub caps.

The project took a long time to make as Grant is very busy at Level Best and other projects kept coming up and sometimes getting in the way. However Grant is a very patient man and he persisted in pestering that we should work on “The Noddy Car” when we could. We found it difficult to assemble all the pieces as they needed gluing together using a glue gun, which can be dangerous, but we finished last week and Grant was responsible for all the painting and gluing (with assistance) and was a very helpful assistant dispensing masking tape, as well as lobbying to give the project the time it needed.

The last thing to mention is that we were going to make a Noddy figure for the car, but found that we had a model of Snoopy from a previous model making project (who was without a home having come loose from his dog house resting place), so we decided to make a Noddy hat (with bauble) for Snoopy and christened the finished piece ‘The Snoopy Car’.

Snoopy car will be a part of the Level Best Art Summer show in our gallery, starting Monday the 28th of May and continuing till 21st June.


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