Level Best Art Cafe in August II

Level Best Art Cafe in August II




10th to 14th August 2020






Level Best Art session zone 1 with Ben Christina & Stephen





I would like to... feedback form by Christina Waldron



                           things I will need... feedback form by Ben Andrew








Outreach session in Castle Park with William Turnbull






RDB Reviews: The Monday Night War WWE VS WCW by Ryan Balkwill

At 34:09 Ryan discusses his new project "Streaming Summer" -all about what he has enjoyed watching over the summer season.







garden Subanki Sivarajah







Cafe kitchen Jessica Blake, Dale Northcott & James Robinson







drawing Dylan O Brien Teen Wolf by Jessica Allum Brown






drawing leaf & Patrick Star Super Star by Jamie Croft






drawing sketch pad cover Big Bang Theory Jessica Allum Brown




drawing sketch pad cover Rainbow Fairies Melissa Taverner




Artco Level Best Jessica Allum Brown & John Mansell


Sam Carter & Melissa Taverner







painting Power Rangers Sam Carter






Courgette & leek gratin by Saffron Harper






leek & mushroom gratin by Angus Wilkinson






Chocolate brownies, bread rolls & pakora







rolls & bread Rebecca Clinch & Subanki Sivarajah








Horticulture outreach with Simon Waller & Daniel Lewis






drawing storyboard by Robert Green







Artco session Robert Green, Stephen Davoine & Josh Wilsher







chocolate cake Joel Knights








Parmesan Chicken & salad, house work & bee hive Jamie Croft









stuffed mushrooms by Dean Smith






Alison at Level Best with Jane, Derek Dodd & William Turnbull







Castle Park bowling green

In August we Investigated using a building in the bowling green for horticulture trainees to resume working with Castle Park Rangers.






Level best horticulture find a mulberry tree!

A post shared by Level Best ( on


find a mulberry tree with Daniel Lewis







Thank you card from Melissa Taverner





tea cup by William Turnbull







art session zone 1 with Ryan Sadler Smith & Sophie Newbery









RDB Reviews: Streaming Summer Part I by Ryan Balkwill

WWE Network       Scoob!     Warrior Nun S1       South Park S23






Daconbake Simon Waller






allotment group Firstsite trip - Simon, Alex, Daniel & Dean






Check out what we did in week 3 here



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