Level Best Art Cafe in September I

Level Best Art Cafe in September I


Welcome to our blog

The next 4 posts will cover last month at the Level Best Art Cafe as well as the remote and outreach sessions we have been doing.


     There are old/new faces returned to us

     more interesting artworks and dishes to display

     + things foraged and found by the horticulture group.



We are pleased to announce


customer services again at Level Best!

Albeit to a limited capacity.


In September we resumed serving cooked meals to staff and trainees on-site

as well as to anyone who phones us first on 01206 366 059.


Customers must provide their own cutlery and not mind sitting on our bench in our back courtyard,

as zone 2  (where the kitchen is) is at the back of the building

(If the door is closed, ring the door bell and you will be seen).


Alternatively, customers can order to take away.

We produce a weekly menu which is available on our various Facebook pages
(see the links at the bottom of this post) and staff are on-site to answer your call
to let you know what we will be serving,
any week day.



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Enjoy seeing what we have been up to!



1st to 8th September 2020





drawing vase by William Turnbull







apple crumble by Dean Smith










           bacon & mushroom quiche Daniel Lewis








Darryl, Rebecca, Subanki & Naomi in zone 2 Level best Art Cafe







blackberry and apple crumble by Angus Wilkinson





mini apple pies by Dale Northcott






crustless quiche by Jamie Croft






chocolate brownie by Joel Knights






Horticulture group Wivenhoe trail with Simon & Daniel







painting by Stephen Davoine






cake by Owen Sanders






exceedingly good cakes by Darryl Brown







foraging for blackberries with Simon, Dean, Alex & Daniel









still life drawing of a vase by Derek Dodd








out reach with Grant, Nao & Sophie







William Turnbull cleaning materials in the art studio







buns and cheese scones by Kyriaki, Rebecca & Tony








foraging for apples & figs at Wivenhoe with Simon Waller








drawing Daffy Duck & Donald Duck step by step by Jamie Croft








Artco Level Best drawing mermaids








apple & pear crumble by Dale & Elizabeth








rice krispy cakes by James Robinson









RDB Reviews: Crime Watch part I An interview with Ryan Balkwill;

Hit Men    Coffee & Kareen      The Last Days of American Crime

The Hater                  WWE Smackdown! Vs Raw - 2004 - PS2







cookies by Dale Northcott








Chocolate Chip cookies by Rebecca Clinch






Subanki Sivarajah cleaning up zone 2







worksheet by Naomi Turpin







quiche by Dean Smith









Level Best Art Cafe zone 1





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Level Best Art Cafe,
D'arcy House, 3 Culver Street East
Colchester, Essex C01 1LD

01206 366 059


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