Level Best Art Cafe in September III

Level Best Art Cafe in September III





16th - 22nd September 2020






Drawing using light pad & colouring
Daffy Duck & Jerry the mouse by Christina Waldron





colouring abstract by Christina Waldron






colouring Spider Man by Stephen Davoine








painting Lord Of The Rings by Stephen Davoine








painting Nemo & sonic with backgrounds by Ben Andrew









remote printing references with tablet - Stephen Davoine



Setting up references for tracing - Stephen Davoine









outreach in Castle Park & Firstsite with Sam, William & Jamie



  • Question: How do you join people up from Zones 1 and 2 in the same place?
  • Answer: Go and sit on the terrace at Firstsite and see them through the big windows..








portrait painting by Sam Carter








apricot flapjack for box river café







Daconbake carrot cake







muffins by Joel Knights







pizza by Owen Sanders









outreach chocolate brownie & bird watching with Jamie Croft








Artco drawings









Artco Level Best printing serigraphs









still life painting with Derek & Felix in zone 1










drawing & ironing by William Turnbull









Daconbake kitchen with Darryl & Rebecca




baking bread, cake bales & cake orders for the rowing club
with Naomi, Joe, Tony & Rebecca









Level Best weekly menu

Here is our menu for week starting 21st September.

The price is £4.50 for the two courses with a drink.

We can offer takeaways but they must be phoned in advance 01206 366059 and social distancing must be maintained.

We will keep you posted and updated when we will reopen to the general public but sadly not yet.







salmon fish cakes by Angus Wilkinson








allotment coronavirus message from Daniel + group drawing









Daconbake kitchen Angela, Tony, Kyriaki & Rebecca








blackberry picking along the Wivenhoe trail



Blackberry picking along the Wivenhoe trail

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drawing Black Lighting step by step by Jamie Croft









RDB Reviews: An interview with Ryan Balkwill discussing;

Upload Season 1         Malibu Rescue The Next Wave

Marvel’s Spiderman Season 2








Daconbake Level Best Dale, Elizabeth & Jessica








rainbow lollipop drawing by Melissa Taverner






drawing Sheldon Big Bang Theory by Jessica Allum Brown







painting elephants







painting portrait & lampshade by Sam & John








back courtyard, our first takeaway customers Paul & Robert







Daconbake chocolate cake by Subanki Sivarajah







spiced rice by Dale Northcott









stir fry by Dean Smith






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Level Best Art Cafe,
D'arcy House, 3 Culver Street East
Colchester, Essex C01 1LD

01206 366 059


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