Level Best in Lockdown: July Round Up III

Level Best in Lockdown: July Round Up III


16th to 22nd July 2020







flowers from seed Jamie Croft




veg plot Daniel Lewis






lemon possett with shortbread biscuits Angus Wilkinson






Victoria Sandwich cake Tony Hale







Week of Weddings project: "Happy" by William Turnbull



   "JUL 20 AT 11 AM
                                                                – JUL 24 AT 4:15 PM

Level Best would like to invite you to join them for this online virtual week of Wedding themed activities and food. You are all guests, and are invited to post your wedding themed pictures and ideas during this event and join in with us as we do the same."

- Artco Level Best Facebook page 20/07/20










heart shaped cookies by Dale Northcott
& Week of Weddings: colourful cake






colouring Sarah & guys wedding by Daniel Lewis





Week of Weddings: "Breakfast" by Dean Smith

"Today we are having our Wedding Breakfast!  Sarah Herbert asked Britney what her wedding would be like in a virtual world and this is what she said:

"I would get married at a hotel and have a dress in baby pink. I would have 10 bridesmaids and they would all be dressed in colours of the rainbow. I would have yellow flowers and my bridegroom would be like Paul as he has black hair and wears rainbow headphones. They would have a bbq at the reception and eat beefburgers and the wedding cake would be a chocolate brownie. The first dance would be to Justin Bieber and the honeymoon would be in Las Vegas."

Dean Smith has illustrated her words this morning in his art session

- Level Best Facebook page 22/07/20







Week of Weddings:
chefs Simon, Daniel, Jamie, Britney, Dale & angus







Week of Weddings: Speech William Turnbull & Tony Hale

"Speech!  Speech!  William Stanley is going to propose a toast, and thank all the bridesmaids.
Superman Tony Hales has prepared the nibbles and Daniel Thomas Lewis decorated the beautiful cake!"

- Level Best Facebook page 22/07/20




Week of Weddings: Sarah, Jamie & Angus

"Our lovely bride is surrounded by wedding guests, champagne and flowers!"

- Level Best Facebook page 22/07/20





donations from Colchester Food Bank with help from
Julie & Rebecca Clinch & the return of Daconbake trainee James Robinson







Exercise around Hilly Fields Colchester with Robert Green








foraged blackberry cake by Connie







Check out what we did in week 4 here



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