Level Best in Lockdown: June Round Up I

Level Best in Lockdown: June Round Up I


1st to 8th June 2020



We mark 3 months of lockdown with some in-depth art projects in the works

including more adventures with Tom the wheelchair,

some amazing cooking and better Skype skills all round!


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Level Best in Lockdown: May Round Up I




Poem "baby photo" by Subanki Sivarajah






colouring cutting out turtles Melissa Taverner






RDB Reviews: Star Wars Saga & Dark Side of Wrestling






drawing creators of the internet Dean Smith








Tuna & pasta salad Simon Waller







gluten free chocolate cake Tony Hale







Chicken Stir Fry Dale Northcott








Cyber Rex Josh Wilsher






lemon unicorn cupcakes Brittney Warren







Iced buns Stephen Davoine







Getting ready to take off the honey
from the apiary Sarah Herbert




Queen Garden Bumble Bee & painted stones Dale Northcott




In the honey shed Sarah Herbert






Artco still life challenge Sam Carter









Bertie checking out the vegetable lasagne with Dean Smith &
baked lemon cheesecake Kyriaki Skambalis






chicken bacon & cauliflower bake Keto style Jamie Croft





Italian Chicken Pasta Dish Angus Wilkinson







lemon meringue pie SImon Waller






Walton on The Naze with Robert Green









rustic pizza Tony Hale & Alison visiting Ambie





Stuffed Mushrooms Daconbakers Sarah Herbert





pasta bolognaise bake, Greek chickpea & melting feta salad,
lemon baked courgettes & lemon cheesecake Rebecca Clinch







Model figure & drawings by Jamie Croft & Felix Rogers






Level Best group chats on Skype









drawing people








RDB Reviews: Bloodshot, Black Lightning, Fantasy Island,
AEW Double or Nothing & The Great Mouse Detective






family meal Rebecca Clinch


& fish finger sandwich Sarah Herbert






peanut and banana muffins Tony Hale





Check out what we did in week 2 here




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