Level Best in Lockdown: June Round Up IV

Level Best in Lockdown: June Round Up IV


22nd to 30th June 2020






chorizo and pea risotto & strawberry brûlée Rebecca Clinch





drawing colourful forms




& Home life Felix Rogers










peanut butter and coconut cookies &
gluten free Yorkshire puddings Tony Hale







storyboard Tom the wheelchair Colin & Robert Green









Maltese birthday cake Saffron Harper &
banana loaf Simon Waller







Pasta Bake Angus Wilkinson







pasta bake Dean Smith






RDB Reviews: South Park S17 & S18 The Flash S6 Super Girl S5







salmon and petit pois bake Kyriaki Skambalis







Back garden tomatoes Daniel Lewis







Colourful sharpies & red skull by Stephen Davoine


drawing step by step cartoon Nathan Drake
from Uncharted 4 (PS4) Stephen Davoine





drawing step by step cartoon Nathan Drake
from Uncharted 4 (PS4) Dean Smith








drawing figures







planters Linda Pittard







flapjacks Sam Carter & colourful figure







iPad step by step drawing car & leaves Jamie Croft









meatballs with a tomato sauce Tony Hale







Dean Smith & Jamie Croft sketches by Jane Ostler



sweeping around Imola pond Castle Park
sketches by Jane Ostler




Grant Owens & Jessica Allum Brown sketches by Jane Ostler







colouring bridesmaid & bride & groom Jessica Allum brown




"Just Married" Dean Smith & wedding cake Sam Carter



Artco & Seasonal Wedding project sneak peek










chocolate chip buns Dale Northcott








Chocolate Tray Bake Daconbakers Sarah Herbert







drawing colouring characters & logos




& drawing step by step forms Stephen Davoine




drawing step by step forms, cars & trees Dean Smith







Strawberry Tart Daconbakers Sarah Herbert





Animal sticker book red panda by Ryan Balkwill


Rated R Superstar mask Ryan Balkwill




RDB Reviews: Looney Toons HBO WWE Legends PS3 South Park S19



That's all folks!!!

We'll be back next month.




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