Level Best in Lockdown: May Round Up IV

Level Best in Lockdown: May Round Up IV


23rd to 29th May 2020


RDB Reviews: The Mandalorian

Ryan discusses The Mandalorian and where you can see it.

Read Ryan's review of this new Star Wars Disney + series on his RDB reviews blog page here

Our videos have edited subtitles, so you can follow along without any sound

drawing Big Bang Theory by Jessica Allum Brown

Poison Ivy by Sam Carter & chocolate flapjack by Daniel Lewis

chocolate brownie by Simon waller

quiche & cake by Saffron Harper

scrap book by Tony Hales

Mega Trooper finished by Josh Wilsher

drawing of Robert & Tom the powered wheel chair by Colin

painting stones with Dale Northcott

chocolate brownies by Jamie Croft

Sweet & Sour Chicken by Angus Wilkinson

Toad in the Hole by Simon Waller

Daniel Lewis: Planting in my back garden

Daniel filmed this little adventure around his back garden, discussing
the onions and potential aubergines he is growing, as well as some flowers he has.

Tom the powered wheelchair storyboard by Colin


Robert Green has a session a week where he is visited by a member of Level Best staff.

He alternates between going out for exercise and art sessions and has recently started
a project about his powered wheelchair, which we've named Tom.


The story is from Tom's point of view and shows the hardships and issues he must face,
to get his boss to and fro safely and as comfortably as possible.


Robert has written accounts of his trips with mum and Colin has been storyboarding,
which Robert will also work on in June.



character colouring by Stephen Davoine


drawing Harry Potter step by step by Stephen Davoine


Artco model making by Jamie Croft

drawing a cup by William Turnbull

painting shapes by Felix Rogers
& pasta salad by Saffron Harper


chocolate brownies by Jamie Croft

colouring & green knitting by Simon Waller

model horses for Level Best virtual resort by Simon Waller

teddy the cat on Skype & mince pies by Simon Waller

RDB Reviews: Bombshell, WWE & The Gentleman

Ryan discusses; Bombshell - see the review Ryan discusses at RDB reviews here

WWE Wrestling: Money in the Bank - see the review Ryan discusses at RDB reviews here

Code 8 - see the review Ryan discusses at RDB reviews here

The Gentleman - see the review Ryan discusses at RDB reviews here

Level Best group chat



Thats it for May.

We'll be back
in the summer time!


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