Level Best round up 2018

Level Best round up 2018

We've had an amazing year at Level Best and there is toooo much to show, but here is a selection of snaps that captures the spirit of the work we have done in our kitchen, seasonal and art departments this year.

Grant has been doing health and safety checks with staff as part of his annual goals. he's been checking for broken lights, dirty windows and crowded spaces and making sure we have a full first aid box and generally comply with all our weekly health and safety checks.


Jamie and Ryan work respectively on admin for Level Best and film and game reviews on Monday mornings at Level Best.


Seasonal trainees and staff help to make all the goods we offer for order at Christmas including Reindeer Hot Chocolates and Christmas Yule Logs.


Artco trainees work on our Underwater display for our Staircase to Nowhere about Turtles and plastic polution.


Sam shows off the waistcoat she made for her bunny, she also made a watch with chain in Artco as part of a Mad Hatters Tea Party cos-play event she attended.


Trainees work on respective projects in Artco and Robert paints his version of an old masters painting, Manet's "Monet in his floating Studio".


Jamie Croft has worked on a design for a cushion cover in Artco based on a photograph of him standing infront of the World War 1 gardeners centennary display, in Castle Park.


Horticulture trainees help out the seasonal session with our seasonal Christmas goods on display and sale at Level Best.


Dean & Darryl & Linda make Mince Pies in Daconbake (our kitchen sessions) and many (many) iced Christmas puddings and Dundee cakes have been made there recently.


William makes 'Hedgehogs' by folding magazines and book pages and corners and adding features.


Jamie Croft finishes his Marvel/DC themed Bee Hive project. The bee hive was originally donated to us by Castle Park Rangers (where it featured as a 'bug hotel', which Jamie helped build in Castle Park). It will now feature in his garden or bedroom next year.


Ambie looks after our Christmas stall at Level Best in late November, a chance to showcase all the goods we make to order around this time and get some new customers.


Thomas Tynan works on a personal watercolour painting and helps with our Underwater display.


Stephen D'avoine works on a Captain America themed painting.

Owen works on a mood painting.


Daniel does some research for a project on the Artco computer.


Elizabeth helps to make lunches on a Monday morning.


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Colchester, Essex C01 1LD

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