“The Big Sky and Us” Paula Grogan

“The Big Sky and Us” Paula Grogan

The Big Sky and Us

I draw and paint as a way of coming to terms with the world around me and the world within me. If something really moves me, because of its beauty or pain, I tend to draw it. Things that inspire me include the human form, news articles, nature, dreams and the unconscious. But perhaps what inspires me most is other art.

One such piece of art is the documentary film “Field of Hope” (2010)*. Directed and produced by Fiona Lloyd- Davies, it tells the story of a woman named Masika in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, who has currently set up a centre for victims of rape and their children, where they can find healing and economic independence through working together in a field.

   All proceeds from this exhibition will be donated to the Masika Fund.*

The work here bearing the name ‘Field of hope’ is inspired by a still from this amazing film. The image I have depicted here stood out to me because of its colour and stark contrasts, and because of its striking resemblance to Jean Francois Millet’s oil painting ‘The Gleansers’ painted over 150 years ago in rural France.

The work ‘Water is life’ is taken from a photograph by Jehad Nga (Sept 2009), and depicts a woman from the Turkana Tribe in Keyna, receiving water during the drought which ravished the region in 2009.

In all, the exhibition contains work from four different series. These are: a series of landscapes, a series exploring dreams, a series focusing on the image of a kestrel, (also inspired by a dream), and a series of drawings inspired by photojournalism. I tend to draw a lot from photographs, where I emphasise the colours and the drama that I see in them. I use a range of mediums including charcoal, pen and ink, chalk pastels, acrylics and oils.

- Paula Grogan, 2013

This heart-breaking, but inspirational film can be viewed at:

For more information on the project and to donate money visit:

"Reflection" - acrylic on canvas £36

"Mersea Island" - acrylic on canvas £170

"Strange News From Another Star" - acrylic on canvas £110

"Bird In City 1" - acrylic on mudrock £96

"Birds At The Sorbonne, Paris" - photograph £16

"Wind, Sea and Sky, Mersea Island" - acrylic on board £44

"Field Of Hope (sketch)" - pen and ink £16

"Birds At The Sorbonne (triptich)" acrylic on canvas panels £44

"Wind, Sea and Sky, Inismore" oil on board £44

"Water Is Life" - chalk pastels on paper £64

"Amongst The Rooftops 1" - chalk pastels on paper £44

"Bird In City 2" acrylic on canvas £52

"Field Of Hope" - chalk pastels on paper £64

"Amongst The Rooftops 2" - chalk pastels on paper 64

Paula's show lasts from Friday 24 May 2013 - Friday 21 June 2013 and can be viewed from 9am - 4pm - Monday - Friday @ Level Best Art Cafe,
D'arcy House,
3 Culver Street East,
01206 366 059.


Level Best Art Cafe,
D'arcy House, 3 Culver Street East
Colchester, Essex C01 1LD

01206 366 059


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