Valentines meal at Level Best

Valentines meal at Level Best

Level Best Art Cafe hosted another successful Valentines Evening Meal last week.

We made the cafe front room look extra special with paper flowers on our fireplace, screen printed heart shapes around the wall and heart reefs in the windows as well as lovely lighting in every available space and we had a good turnout of couples sharing the love.

We were very pleased to have the help of our trainees to make the display in the weeks building up to the event as well as trainees working on the day and night preparing food, waiting tables and washing dishes.

We thank all our trainees who helped pull it off and a special thank you to Rebecca, Saffron, Dean, Grant & William for working late into the night to make the occasion a wonderful experience for our guests.

Below is a selection of photographs showing all the work that went into the event.


Connor & Felix helped to make heart shaped reefs. they coloured and cut out mini heart shapes from paper and stuck them together on heart shaped boards.

Artco Trainees help to make the valentines display

Meanwhile Dacon Bake trainees made and prepared the food for our three course menu



Preparing the food began in the early afternoon as part of our usual training sessions, but the work went on into the night as guests arrived and ordered from our menu.





















William & Rebecca waited tables on the night. They greeted each couple or group with a choice of a free drink (the prosecco cocktail with hibiscus was especially well received) and were very good at checking each table to see how the diners were doing with their drinks and courses.









We had a few birthday celebrations on the night, which the waiting staff took in their stride alongside looking after the diners.









All tips from the night were shared out equally to our trainees and it made for valuable work experience (some of whom were back to work with us the following morning, having also earned a well deserved night’s sleep).





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