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23rd July 2018

Sculptures and digital artworks by Chrissy Brown

Submitted by: Level Best
Chrissy Brown is an artist based in Essex. Her passion is the representation of ‘othered’ - mostly fat..... FIND OUT MORE >

17th July 2018

Things for sale at Level Best

Submitted by: Level Best
Things for sale at Level Best looks at the work of Kaddy Bojang in one of our front..... FIND OUT MORE >

13th July 2018

Coloured Mandala’s by Thomas Aldis

Submitted by: Level Best
We have many talentned people in our art room and each likes to express themselves in their own..... FIND OUT MORE >

10th July 2018

Elderflower Cordial from Level Best Art Cafe

Submitted by: Level Best
We have a large stock of Elderflower cordial now ensuring we have plenty to serve all summer and..... FIND OUT MORE >

06th July 2018

Mickey Mouse model by Henry Linstead

Submitted by: Level Best
We found a really good resource for model making called Henry chose Mickey Mouse from their extensive..... FIND OUT MORE >


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