At The Level Best Art Café we aim to provide quality work and life skills training for people with learning disabilities. We seek to achieve this through our four business projects which provide realistic work training opportunities for our trainees.

We will provide a service that is both affordable and accessible to all. To achieve this we will always look at ways to offer flexible training programmes that meet each individual’s needs, abilities and circumstances.

We strive to provide a person centred service where trainees will be supported to identify and work towards personal goals. We will ensure these are reviewed regularly to show that trainees are progressing and achieving their goals.

Most of all we will ensure that our trainees are involved in and are at the forefront of any decision making and services that The Level Best Art Café provides.

In addition The Level Best Art Café aims to provide a quality service to our customers and the local community within which we are based. We do this in the following ways:

  • We produce fresh, quality food
  • We provide a meeting place for local groups
  • We have an open door policy in our art gallery to ensure it is accessible to as many artists and community groups as possible
  • We play an active part in the community through involvement with local initiatives such as Colchester in Bloom and working in partnership with local businesses, services and community groups
  • Be responsible with our waste by recycling as much as possible

A vital aspect of our work is to lead by example by ensuring that our trainees treat all our customers and clients with respect, politeness and without prejudice. We will always provide a warm welcome to all who visit our café.


Level Best Art Cafe,
D'arcy House, 3 Culver Street East
Colchester, Essex C01 1LD

01206 366 059


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