Community 360 group exhibition

Community 360 group exhibition 

Community360 is a charity which was founded in Colchester in 1968 with the complementary aims of improving quality of life and of enabling local community involvement and action.   It does this by supporting other voluntary sector organisations and by delivering a range of services and projects, many of them directly to local people.

Amongst the Community360 staff there are a number of experienced and budding artists, who are taking the opportunity offered by the Level Best Art Café to display some of their work.

The artists are: Tina Bullen, Alison Woolnough, Jo Bryant, John Livingstone & Becky Jordan.

Tina Bullen

is an artist from Colchester, Essex. She was born and raised here, and nearly exclusively lived here, except for a few years when she studied Art at Canterbury Christ Church University. While she was there, she tried a number of disciplines, such as printmaking and sculpture, but her first love was and always will be painting. She prefers to work with oils but has recently been working with acrylics. The Essex landscape is Tina’s main inspiration for most of her work. This is because it provides her with the contrasts and tension she adores. Frequently, the Essex landscape reveals itself in lights and darks and opposites of the colour spectrum. Some of her paintings take a break from Essex, and look to otherlocations for their drama and character, such as Devon, the Scilly Isles and as far away as New Zealand.

Alison Woolnough

has worked for Community360 for four years, following a long career in the NHS and local government, and is by far the least experienced artist exhibiting here.  She only started drawing and painting a couple of years ago when she attended a few classes and courses - and bought lots of books and equipment! – but she hasn’t yet concentrated enough on any one type of art to develop any particular skills.  However, she wanted to be part of this exhibition (and in fact it was her idea!) and intends to devote more time to artistic activity of some kind or other during the next few years.

Damien Moy and Jo Bryant

design and create metal artwork for the home and garden, using recycled materials. What started as a hobby for Damien has now, with the support of his partner Jo, become a
thriving small business. They began selling artwork in 2013, at local Farmers markets and fairs in Essex and Suffolk and they continue to do this, as they enjoy the contact and interaction with people, many of whom have become returning customers. People appreciate the time, skills, and quality of the artwork, as well as the individuality of each piece. Commissions are taken, and often these prove to be a step towards new and more challenging projects, which they both really enjoy and rise to.

John Livingstone

has always drawn and likes to keep creative. He gained a degree in 2D animation in 2005 at the Arts Institute in Bournemouth. Since then he has been an animator, graphic designer, ice cream man, illustrator, digital animator, photo editor, cleaner, admin assistant and finally in his spare time has a small side-line business as a mural artist, and runs a life drawing group with his neighbour. Since the start of October John has worked for Community 360. These works were created around 10 years ago when John didn’t know what he was doing, created in his spare time as a reaction to “cutsey” artwork that he felt was unappealing and overpriced.  Reprints onto Canvas or Canvas paper (to be framed) are available at reasonable prices, please contact for more information.

Becky Jordan

is an artist from the Cuckoo Farm studios group in Boxted. She creates drawing and installation work using line to explore space through repetition, excess and duration with works growing incrementally and slowly into understated works of overstated labour. My drawings are mainly abstract exercises in the process of mark making creating works of monochrome lines slowly built up with only the nuances of the material giving away the labour involved in their creation, not immediately visible, such as coppery shimmer of marker pen on marker pen where the lines overlap. They are insular and very much about the process of making. The thread installations are an external reaction to space, using the same repetition and excess but manifested in a way that correlates with the outside world. It exploresphenomenological reactions to places and the materials, whilst still subtle it is redolent of physical things such as the shades in black plumage on a crow. Blues and purples threaded amongst the mass of black thread to subconsciously connect whilst not being immediately obvious. I want my work to have a physical and psychological presence in response to the space it occupies and I am interested in the way it’s placing and presentation affects us as the viewer.


1. “Rockmen 1”- Acrylic on canvas £POA



2. “Fairy in the Moon”- Metal Sculpture £25



3. “Line I”- Drawing on paper £145



4. “Mermaid in the Moon”- Metal Sculpture £22



5. “Hare in the Moon”- Metal Sculpture £20



6. “Amsterdam”- linoprint £15



7. “Fish ”- linoprint £15



8. “Flowers ”- linoprint £20



9. “Line II”- Drawing on paper £145



10. “High Contrast at Abberton”- Acrylics on canvas board £200



11. “Otoko”- Oils on canvas £240



12. “Peninnis Head”- Acrylics on canvas board £NFS



13. “Storm on the Naze”- Acrylics on board £100



14. “Dusk at Hele Bay”- Oils on canvas £240



15. “Wanaka Tree”- Acrylics on canvas £240



16. “Line III”- Drawing on paper £145



17. “Rockmen 2”- Acrylic on canvas £POA



18. “Rockmen 3”- Acrylic on canvas £POA



19. “Rockmen 4”- Acrylic on canvas £POA



20. “ Red, Blue, Orange”- Mixed Media £145



21. “Rockmen 5”- Acrylic on canvas £POA



22. “Rockmen 6”- Acrylic on canvas £POA



23. “Rockmen 7”- Acrylic on canvas £POA




24. “Large Clematis”- Metal Sculpture £100



25. “Lady with Flower”- Metal Sculpture £70



26. “Mermaid”- Metal Sculpture £24



27. “Small double wing fairy”- Metal Sculpture £18



28. “Blowing kisses fairiy”- Metal Sculpture £24



29. “Blue flowers”- Metal Sculpture £30



30. “Blowing kisses fairy 2” Metal Sculpture £24



31. “Yellow and pink flowers” Metal Sculpture £25



32. “Large fairy with butterfly” Metal Sculpture £45



33. “Dragon” Metal Sculpture £60



34. “Elephant” Metal Sculpture £50



35. “Couple silhouette” Metal Sculpture £60



36. "Mermaid 2" Metal Sculpture £24



37. “Flamingo 1” Metal Sculpture £4



38. “Green thinking fairy!” Metal Sculpture £18



39. “Labrador” Metal Sculpture £15



40. “Large cat” Metal Sculpture £20



41. “Small fairy” Metal Sculpture £18



42. “Unicorn” Metal Sculpture £18



43. “Flamingo 2” Metal Sculpture £4



44. “Leaf fairy” Metal Sculpture £22



45. “Hanging bird and flowers” Metal Sculpture £40



46. “Hanging witch” Metal Sculpture £20



The Community 360 group show will end on Friday 1st February and can be viewed Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm at

Level Best Art Cafe,
3 Culver Street East,
CO1 1LD,

T:10206 366 059

For more information on Community360’s work or on any of the artists please email





Level Best Art Cafe,
D'arcy House, 3 Culver Street East
Colchester, Essex C01 1LD

01206 366 059


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