The LOVE EACH OTHER show (Diversity).

The LOVE EACH OTHER show (Diversity).





This show is about us, in all our very different appearances. 

Although we celebrate our differences, some things remain the same:

We can all choose to be considerate, polite, careful, kind, be positive and bold. Part of being an artist is the responsibility to consider what contributes to a courteous way of life. Being civilized is to be careful of who you walk into and who walks behind you.  Be kind, be helpful, love each other. Don’t be unkind to each other, give someone a virtual hug. If someone’s lonely, give them a ring. Wait your turn. No violence. No extremism. No Hate Crime.

- Jane, Derek, Felix, William 06.01.22







1. “It Looks like Elton John”,

by John Mansell    £12.00
H 30 cm.  X W.  40cm Acrylic on Canvas



2. “Friends & Family”. 

By Lucinda Kersley    £30.00
H 45 cm.  x w.   55cm.  Mixed Media


3. “A Nice Group of People (GhostBusters)”

by John Mansell  £30.00
H 38cm x W 80cm.  Acrylic paint on Canvas.
paint on paper on canvas.



4. “Various Artists”

by Various Artists     £30.00
H 102 cm x W 126 cm. Acrylic paint on paper on canvas.
Celebrating 26 different ways of doing the same thing.


5. “Different Colours”

by Nao Utting      £30.00
H 45cm x W 55cm Mixed Media.





6. “Little Man Standing on the World”

by Grant Owens    £10.00
H 19 cm x W 14 cm.  Sharpie Pen on tin.





7. “Is that David Bowie?”

by Alex Joslin     £9.00
H 33.5 cm x W 28.5 W.  Sharpie on Digital Print.





8. “Bat Woman”

by Sam Carter     £POA
H cm x W cm. Acrylic paint on canvas





9. “Shakira”

by Ryan Sadler-Smith     £10.00
H cm x W cm.  Felt tip pen, paint and plastic sequins.





10. “Thriller”

by Stephen D’avoine     £30.00
H cm x W cm.  Acrylic paint on paper.




11. “Love Each Other”

by everybody     £10.00

H cm x W cm. Felt tip pens and soft pastels.





12. “Celtic Crosses”

by Dale Northcott     £10.00
H cm x W cm. Oiled coloured digital print on windowpane.  

13. “Outreach in the fresh air”

by Robert Green    £30.00
H cm x W cm.  Acrylic paint and pen on paper


14. “Paralympic Athlete Hannah Cockcroft Winning”

by Sophie Newbery    £NFS
H cm x W cm. Paint and pen on paper with collage border.





15. “Usain Bolt”

by Sophie Newbery     £NFS
H cm x W cm.  Crayon on paper.


A multitude of paintings by ArtCo trainees showing diversity in mobility, race, religion and anything else we could find to reflect the open nature of our art practice.


The show will run from January 6th till Matrch 1st and can be viewed Monday - Thursday from 4pm - 5:30pm, until we officially reopen to the public during the mornings and earlier in the day.


We encourage people to find likeness more than difference and to love one another.

ArtCo Team









Level Best Art Cafe,
D'arcy House, 3 Culver Street East
Colchester, Essex C01 1LD

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