Grant Owens Breakfast Bar Exhibition

Grant Owens Breakfast Bar Exhibition

Grant Owens is our current trainee to display their artworks on our breakfast bar wall.




Grant was interested to have a show after seeing fellow ARTCO trainees express themselves and he delighted in choosing which pieces to show.





Grant helped to frame his work, which involved taking work out of some frames, cleaning the glass (if the frames had been in our basement for a while), screwing hooks to the back and tying picture cord to hold the work.



Grant has been coming to Level Best Art Cafe for a number of years and has produced a varied mix of works.





This show displays his talent for ideas, the use of mediums such as colouring pencils, acrylic paints and plasticine model making + his burgeoning drawing abilities.





It also represents the best examples of work Grant has produced himself, with minimal aid from ARTCO staff.


The work will be for sale and prices will be on application (unless Grant decides otherwise)

and A4 prints on card are available now in our shop for £5




Prints £5


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A plasticine model of the Polish flag as part of our World Project in 2016.




"5 a Day"


A part of Grant's seasonal session originally, where trainees drew around their hand and picked their favourite 5 fruits and vegetables to illustrate, continued in ARTCO.




"Andrew's Map colouring"



A map drawn by former ARTCO trainee Andrew Gwilt. Andrew would draw so many amazing (and accurate) maps of intersections and road junctions that he happily gave them to Grant to colour in pencil and pen at first, but laterin beautiful watercolour as with this one.




"Balkerne Gate colouring"

A drawing by ARTCO trainer Colin of the Roman "Balkerne" Gate ruin in Colchester, which Grant coloured in pencil.





To encourage Grant to make his own breakfast in the morning (which consists of a bowl of cereal, a coffee and an orange), Grant's PA at the time requested that he try depicting these items in art, to encourage his memory. It proved a very useful starting point for Grant to understand how to draw his own pictures.




"Golden Budha"


A painting of the Budha, which was a subject of interest for Grant for a while. Grant did another similar (though unfinished) painting to this and made a paper mache model of the Budha.




"Figure Drawing"



With help from Colin and a handy step by step, Grant has achieved several drawings like this, but he agreed this is one of his best, so much so that he coloured it as well.




"Football Pitch"

An early work from Grant on an epic scale. Grant is a BIG Liverpool FC fan and we wanted to help channel his passion for the beautiful game into his ARTCO time, so a pitch invasion scene was finally agreed upon. Grant had considerable help with the details but he made decisions through out, with help from fellow trainee Christina Waldron, who was happy to have a big colouring project to work on with Grant.







A plasticine model of Liverpool player Stephen Gerrard's shirt.







Grant's first foray into plasticine relief model making.


Grant's show will run until Tuesday 12th November and can be seen Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm at:


The Level Best Art Cafe,

D'arcy House,
3 Culver Street East,

t: 01206 366 059




Level Best Art Cafe,
D'arcy House, 3 Culver Street East
Colchester, Essex C01 1LD

01206 366 059


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