Kris Palmer Exhibition

Kris Palmer Exhibition

Our latest exhibition in our Gallery is work by Kris Palmer from Autism Anglia’s Jigsaw Centre.

artists statement

I am Kris Palmer and I am 26 years old. I have been attending the Jigsaw Centre for a little over five years and all of the work on display has been created there.

The subject matter for my work is generally inspired by two things;
current events and cultural references. My style is influenced by the Pop-Art of Andy Warhol.

The usual process to making my paintings begins with increasing the contrast of my chosen image using the Word programme. I then cover the reverse of the image with oil pastel before defining the tonal areas, tracing them onto card. I generally use acrylic paints, with the
exception of my landscapes; for these I chose to experiment with
water colour.

Work is for sale, price on application..




This trilogy of pictures was made to depict the ‘Caped Crusader’ as he appeared in different films throughout the decades:

• Adam West from the 1960’s series and movie


• Michael Keaton from the Tim Burton version and


• Christian Bale from the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy

I have specifically chosen these because of the connection that they are all from live-action depictions of the character.



Willy Wonka.

This pair of images depicts both versions of Willy Wonka on the big screen. The first is from the original 1971 film, starring Gene Wilder.


The second, with Wonka played by Johnny Depp, was painted onto black card in order to suggest the contrast between the light-hearted original and Tim Burton’s darker re-imagining.



The ‘Not Marilyn Monroe’ series.

The figures portrayed here have all made some kind of mark in politics, whether that was U.S. reforms or advocating equality and peaceful protest. I chose these particular people because I admire each of them.






These pictures are a little different from my usual works. Each one is based on a well-known landmark and they were painted using watercolours. The connection with Warhol is in the iconic nature of the images.





The ‘Not Campbells Soup’ series.

Inspired by Warhol’s ‘Campbells Soup’ images I chose three iconic brands that are popular in Britain today. Each has been reproduced four times as an experiment into the effect that different colours would have on the power of the image.











Giant Bugs.

These insect works came about through deciding to look closely at tiny objects and enlarge them.
They were made by building up papier maché over scrunched balls of paper, layering until the desired shape was achieved. The legs are made of wire and the wings of cling film of laminated fabric. They are finished in acrylic paint.







Kris’ work is for sale and prices are on application. The show will run until August 16th and can be seen from Monday – Friday 9am -4pm



Level Best Art Cafe,
D'arcy House, 3 Culver Street East
Colchester, Essex C01 1LD

01206 366 059


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