Level Best Art Cafe June I

Level Best Art Cafe June I



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Most of our trainees who wish to return to our day service have now done so and the last of the vaccines are being booked. That being said, we remain closed to the public in general but offer a takeaway service + outdoor dining at the back of our cafe.

For more information on what you can order from us for collection, or about our outdoor facilities,

call us on 01206 366 059        Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm

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1st - 4th June 2021




Gratin by Angus Wilkinson







Colouring by Angus & Rebecca






Kevin the carrot by Melissa Taverner






Drawing portrait Sam Carter





Breakfast bar exhibition POTC by Saffron Harper









Daconbake kitchen with Angus, Darryl, Subanki & Rebecca






Toffee & chocolate cupcakes by Dale Northcott






Artco studio with Robert, Jamie & Angus








Firstsite trip with Jane, John, Sam & William








Drawing & painting by Stephen Davoine










Free hand drawing Dory by Jamie Croft






Artco gallery exhibition Re-connecting



















Artco Level Best with Ryan Balkwill

Ryan has been away from the Art cafe since last August, but he came especially to deliver his artwork for the re-connecting exhibition. Ryan also shared a lot of the sticker books he has completed over lockdown.








Darryl writes our weekly menu







Level Best omlette






Artco Rookery House with John, Jamie & Sam








Check out what we did in week 2 here



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