Level Best Art Cafe May I

Level Best Art Cafe May I


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We are running a hybrid service of art, cooking and horticulture onsite at the cafe, Rookery House (our new building), our allotment and outreach as well as continuing online with those trainees who are still getting vaccinated and awaiting conditions suitable for their return.

Similar to how we operated from August last year and with social distancing habits now well developed, we are confident we can trend towards normality at the cafe.

We remain closed to the public in general but we are offering a take away service and our new outdoor dining area at the back of our cafe is very comfortable indeed.


For more information on what you can order from us for collection, or about our outdoor facilities,

call us on 01206 366 059 Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm

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3rd - 7th May 2021



Alex Joslin returns to Castle Park


Alex has been a Castle Park volunteer for years and he hopes to return to helping the park Rangers with weekly jobs like pruning trees, litter picking and cleaning the Imola pond and feeding the fish.






Felix, Melissa, John & Jane in the Level Best art studio, formerly our cafe for our customers










Owen, Subanki & Rebecca in zone 2 kitchen area







Mushroom and Leek Gratin by Angus Wilkinson







Crisp packet with salad for home Connor Sheed






Working at the allotment with Mathew, Ian & Alex








Exploring the riverside with Simon & Kyriaki







Return of Jamie Croft to Level Best




Jamie has been working from home since mid March 2020 but having had a vaccination and itching to return, he is getting used to returning to our day service. Jamie's first job on return was to learn how to make his own scrapbook, using photos of him from last year.






Painting in zone 1 by Robert & Stephen









kitchen area with Donna, Connie, Sam, Sophie & Dean







Mushroom soup by Jamie Croft






Vanilla cupcakes by Angela Booty






Return of the Level Best Art Cafe signs from Artco


Whilst we had work being done on our building some years ago, we had to put our colourful makaton themed signs in storage, we are pleased to have made them a part of our daily routine again, to let people know who we are and to remind us of jobs before COVID







Vegan apple cake by Angus Wilkinson








Drawing Mickey Mouse by Sam Carter






Artwork at Rookery House, our outreach art studio with Sophie Newbery





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