Level Best Art Cafe November I

Level Best Art Cafe November I


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The next 4 posts will cover November at the Level Best Art Cafe as well as the remote and outreach sessions we have been doing.


November brought a new national lockdown which threatened our day service at Level Best and our outreach sessions.

Staff decided that with the safety protocols we have in place, we were confident that we could keep everyone who attends safe so we have remained open this year.



We've had a few new faces join us this autumn/winter who will make an appearance in this blog and Christmas, which we have learned from experience to be prepared for early, is in full swing!




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2nd to 9th November 2020






Colouring Tom the cat drawing by Christina Waldron






Level Best Christmas collage






Drawing a snowman Melissa Taverner

Click the above image to visit our recent blog post about Melissa's artwork






Portrait by Sam Carter in zone 1 with John & Melissa






RDB Reviews by Ryan Balkwill discussing


Jurassic World CC S1      Game on      Phineas and Ferb the Movie

                        The sleepover               Supercon






Daconbake zone 2: pickled onions, self raising flour and raspberry cheesecakes by Naomi Rebecca & Subanki






Firstsite exhibition with Jane & William






Artco zone 1: Painting Slytherin, horror movie poster & Wivenhoe scene by Stephen Josh & Robert














Lemon daisy cakes Dale Northcott







Cooking with Simon Waller






Curry by Dean Smith







Chicken bacon & mushroom in cream sauce Jamie Croft









zone 2 with Owen Sanders







Group skype chat Alex Dean & Ted (the dog)







Poster printing for the Seasonal department






carephone chat with Grant Owens




Jamie chats with Sophie at the cafe







Omelette and art by Jamie Croft









Level Best list of characters by Stephen Davoine







Making pom poms at Rookery House with William & Sam







Making cheese straws James Robinson







Sausage casserole and a Sponge Pudding Dale Northcott






Check out what we did in week 2 here



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