Level Best Art Cafe October I

Level Best Art Cafe October I



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The next 4 posts will cover the month of October at the Level Best Art Cafe as well as the remote and outreach sessions we have been doing.


Artco & computers trainee Jamie Croft learned how to upload photos, text, and video to our blog before lock-down and he has brushed off those skills to take on the responsibility of uploading ALL the content which appears here, whilst working from home.

It has taken a bit of relearning but Jamie is happy to be our resident blogging assistant from now on.




Our eventual new base in Colchester, which is called Rookery House is shaping up to be a very comfortable art and soical spot for trainees and staff to visit in small numbers, meanwhile we have begun to decorate the art cafe with trainees artwork and a hint at Christmas





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1st to 8th October 2020







Choosing drawings and pot prints for new Gallery exhibition







Level Best lunch thai red curry with strawberry cheesecake






Level Best weekly lunch menu





Level Best group skype chat with Kyriaki Angus Darryl William







Cheese & Basil Scones Kyriaki & Rebecca








Drawing step by step bugs bunny & tea cup by Jamie & William







Drawing & painting smiles by Melissa & Sam







Painting yoga cows by John Mansell







Cat drawings by Sam Carter







Drawing flags symbols







Level Best lunch with Stephen & Robert








Drawing by Stephen Davoine








Still life drawing at Firstsite & Curzon by Sam & William







Before and after chair by Jane & William Turnbull







Daconbake remote sessions with Dean & Jamie








building compost bins at the allotment with Mathew Garnett






On the Wivenhoe trail with Daniel Lewis



Dan naming the abundance of Autumn in a colchester alleyway

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Oct 8, 2020 at 3:40am PDT







Level Best group Skype chat with Sass, Kyriaki, Angus & Darryl





Check out what we did in week 2 here



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