Marcus Monteverde Art Exhibition

Marcus Monteverde Art Exhibition

Our current artist Marcus Monteverde is displaying a selection of his still life, life and scenes drawings in pencil.

Most of the pieces are coloured exclusively with pencil and they're very well done and reasonably priced.


Artist statement

"Welcome to Marcus Montverde’s Exhibition 

I’ve always been an artist and as far as I can remember I was told that I was gifted. Well, I am glad I am; cause I couldn’t Live without it. So I bless God for it. My first formal art education was in Italy from the age of 6 until 13 at school.

I came to England when I was 24 years old and since then it has been a hobby to attend any available art group. My longest training full time in art was in Southampton institute of Higher Education for a diploma in scientific and Technical illustration. As part of my training I attended Southampton University Department of Human Morphology where, while still at college, I helped with the illustration for a book from Prof. D. Mayor “Essentials of Neuroanatomy”. I have also helped for a month in St. Bart’s Hospital in London with a video on sickle Cell Anaemia. During my training in Southampton I learned to use a lot of media but myself my favourite are pencils, ink and acrylic , which sometimes I mix together. My favourite subjects are: animals, flowers; landscapes and humans.

I hope that you enjoy the exhibition".


1. Sailing

Multi media ink acrylic colour pencil on paper £25

2. Machinery

Black pencil on paper £25

3. Wood Mouse On A Winter Day

Mixed media £25

4. Reflection

pencils on paper £25

5. Feeling Cold Model

Pencil on paper £25

6. Thinking Of You

Pencil on cartridge paper. Careful not laminated £30

7. Sitting Model

Coffee on cartridge paper £30

8. Linx

Colour pencils on sugar paper £25

9. Last Dance

Colour pencils on sugar paper £25

10. Katherine Hepburn

Colour pencils on cartridge paper £30

11. Simon The Palomin Stallion

Pencils on grey paper £25

12. Ibex

Colour pencils on paper £25

13. Richard Burton

Pencil on paper £25

14. Who Is He

Colour pencils on pink and yellow £35


15. Antelope

Colour pencils on paper £30

16. Lioness

Colour pencils on cartridge paper £30

17. Young Cliff Richard

Pencil b2 on paper £30

18. Fox At Night

Colour pencil on sugar paper £20

19. Little Owl

Colour pencil on sugar paper £30

20. Equine On Brown

Paper colour pencils £30

21. Who Am I

From a magazine pencil on paper £20

22. Lion King

Pencil on paper highlights quick stroke soft eraser £30

23. Posing Sitting Woman

Cartridge paper colour pencil £25

24. Marilyn Monroe

Experimenting with type writer on paper £20

25. A Back Lane Florence

Colour pencils on paper £30

26. Yorkshire

Colour pencils on paper £30

27. Imperial Garden

Multimedia colour pencils ink £30

28. Braintree

Multi media on paper acrylic ink colour pencils £25

29. Lake District

Colour pencils on paper £25

30. Resting Before Sleeping

Coffee on cartridge paper £30

31. Experimenting with Dots Marilyn Monroe


32. Schotland

multi colour pencils on paper £30

33. Resting Model

Pencil on paper 25

34. A Winter Day

Colour pencils £30

35. Bocking Braintree Wind Mill

Mixed media £25

36. Poppy Field

Colour pencils on paper £30

37. Tiger Tiger

coloured pencils on green paper £30

38. Best Friends

Colour pencils on paper £30



Marcus' show will end on October 10th and can be viewed Monday - Friday from 9am - 4pm only at the

Level best Art Cafe,

3, D'arcy House, Culver Street East,
Colchester CO1 1LD


t:01206 366 059,


Level Best Art Cafe,
D'arcy House, 3 Culver Street East
Colchester, Essex C01 1LD

01206 366 059


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