“Natural” – CoCo Care

“Natural” – CoCo Care

CoCo Care return to the Level Best Art Gallery with all new work, including photography, craft and original art works. Each piece of work is numbered and there’s lots of choice.

Artists Statement

"How do we respond to and record nature? How are artists influenced by natural forces? How are natural elements altered by our presence?

For our exhibition this year we responded to the natural world in lots of ways.

We used natural materials in our artwork and crafts - we scavenged stones and sea glass, shells, twigs and leaves and re-formed them into craft pieces.

We discovered patterns in natural forms, and created patterns from natural elements, which we then captured in photos.

We sewed a quilt where every owl is made from the same set of pieces yet each is unique. We investigated trees to create a textural and tactile piece constructed from folded, pleated, scored, torn and crumpled paper. We hugged a tree, and responded to its shape and textures to form a hanging forest installation.

We experienced an outdoor space to make collaborative, sensory drawings based on what we could see, feel and hear around us. Other drawings are responses to the patterns, shapes and taste of fruit and vegetables.

Artists have always been inspired by nature. Matisse was influenced by natural forms and after investigation his work we cut shapes from paper, inspired by the fig tree outside our studio, collaging the pieces together to create artworks.

We have had fun engaging with the natural world, and hope you enjoy responding to our work in this exhibition
we’d love to know what you think - please write your feedback on a sticky leaf and add it to our hanging forest installation."

Show lasts until 12 December 2014 and can be seen Monday - friday, 9am - 4pm



Level Best Art Cafe,
D'arcy House, 3 Culver Street East
Colchester, Essex C01 1LD

01206 366 059


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