Level Best Art Cafe in September IV

Level Best Art Cafe in September IV





23rd - 30th September 2020







Out reach in Castle Park with James Robinson







light pad tracing & colouring by Robert Green






lunch in zone 1 with Robert & Stephen





drawing & painting Darth Vader by Stephen Davoine



drawing Lord Of The Rings by Stephen Davoine





printing from tablet by Robert Green




light pad tracing Robert, Josh & Stephen





Josh Wilsher portfolio – “Gill Man vs Werewolf” poster
work in progress







Level Best weekly menu

Good Morning everyone!  Here is our Menu for the week of 28 September 2020.

  • MONDAY:         Pasta Bake, Fruit Crumble
  • TUESDAY:        Vegetarian Chilli, Lemon Meringue Pie
  • WEDNESDAY:  Tomato and Mozzarella Pizza, Orange Oat cookie
  • THURSDAY:     Thai Red Quorn Chicken Curry, Strawberry Cheesecake
  • FRIDAY:            Tuna Pasta Bake, Sticky Toffee Pudding

Cakes - £1.30 a slice,   Tea/Coffee 50p,    Squash 25p,    Hot Chocolate  85p,      Juice 50p.

The main course can be purchased separately at a cost of £4.00   

Desserts range from £1.00 to £1.50








allotment group pose with graffiti on the Wivenhoe trail
Simon, Connor, Daniel & Andrew




Horticulture walk in the woods & Wivenhoe trail walk



A morning in the woods narrated by Daniel Lewis

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Level best Outreach session love our local walks! Wivenhoe trail is a favourite where shall we walk next?

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Artco outreach at Brightlingsea with Jane, William & Sam




See video of Jane, Sam & William here & here






RDB Reviews; An interview with Ryan Balkwill discussing;

Marvel's SpiderMan Season 2






chicken curry by Daniel Lewis






fish pie by Angus Wilkinson








Level Best Artco upcycled fabric with Felix Rogers






Artco studio serigraph prints









View from Rookery House

Site of the old Gellar's Butchers on St John's Street Colchester, the new location for The Level Best Art Cafe,

currently being renovated for our use some time in the future, the upstairs flat which we own is a space where out reach sessions can happen with a limited number of trainees and staff who do not require the kitchen or other facilities at Level Best Art Cafe.








homemade chicken and mushroom pasta bake by Daniel Lewis








drawing the Infinity Gauntlet & an orange step by step
by Jamie Croft

We now have 2 pages on our website dedicated to drawing characters & things respectively step by step.

Jamie has learned to use these resources and can now draw with them self-directed.

Staff will draw the same subject along with him online.


You can visit these web pages with close to 80 step by step guides at these links.












colouring Daffy Duck & Jerry by Christina Waldron








painting Lord Of The Rings by Stephen Davoine



painting Transformers scene with a Bumble Bee theme
by Ben Andrew








water colour painting by William Turnbull








Artco studio light pad tracing by Christina Waldron








Artco Level Best drawing compilation








portrait painting by Sam Carter










RDB Reviews: an interview with Ryan Balkwill discussing;

Project Power           Showbiz Kids

The Punisher    Season 1      &      Season 2








Stuffed mushrooms by Dale Northcott







homemade stuffed mushrooms by Daniel Lewis







lemon meringue Pie by Rebecca Clinch





Darryl Brown chopping onions





Naomi Turpin grating cheese





vegetarian chilli by Subanki Sivarajah





drawing a movie poster “Gill Man vs Werewolf” by Josh Wilsher








drawing & colouring primary forms by Felix Rogers









portraits by Sam Carter and others.








painting cows by John Mansell







painting Lord Of The Rings by Stephen Davoine









Robert Green researching








homemade chicken casserole by Daniel Lewis








carrot and kale sauté by Sarah & Jamie Croft









stuffed mushrooms by Angus Wilkinson








veg stew and dumplings by Dean Smith







Level Best group skype chat
with Kyriaki, Angus, Darryl & William





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