Henry Linstead: Outdoor Studies

Henry Linstead: Outdoor Studies

Henry Linstead: Outdoor Studies.

Henry has been painting and illustrating scenes for a number of years and has exhibited with us before, but we are very pleased to have him back as he has all new works to show. Henry’s skill at depicting tone, light, shade and characters in his scene has come a long way since I began working with him and Henry has improved his illustration skills as a trainee of Level Best’s ARTCO department. Henry is displaying a mixture in this show of local scenes and scenes of New York and 1 painting of Mull Island off the coast of Scotland. Some of these were completed in situ, others are worked from photographs Henry took himself whilst on holiday and some are conceptual in nature. “The Future of Safe Driving” (about self driving smart cars on the streets of Colchester, Walton on the Naze and Chelmsford), “Future of Cross Rail and Henry’s Walt Disney Studios & Pictures drawings began life in conversation with me in our art sessions and were completed here at Level Best. Henry has managed to capture the essence of these themes in his own unique way and prove that there’s nothing he can’t draw if he puts his mind to it. See below for prices of Henry’s work.

"Blue bells" £40

"Brighton Pier" Not for sale

“Disney Land Theme park” £80

“Entrance to the Empire State Building” £40

"The Future of Cross Rail” £80

“The Future of Safer Driving" £80

“Grand Central Station” £40

“Grand Hall Clock” £40

"Imola Pond" Not for sale

Khusbu Tandoori & Alresford Fish Bar” £40

“Mull island, Scotland” £50

“New York Skyline” £40

“New York Street” £40

“New York Subway 1” £40

“Oh My Cod, Mersea Road, Colchester” £40

“Statue of Liberty” £50

“The Heritage Quarter, Graves End” £40

”Walt Disney Pictures” £80

“Walt Disney Studios” £80

“House on Wimpole Road, Colchester” £40



Colin McAllister
Art coordinator – Artco, Level Best Art Café.


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